Teamate Vice | FreeJack Online
Nicholas Hadjiev | AKA Vice
I'm Nicholas, AKA Major Vice, a project manager for one of the largest operating nuclear power plants - yep, completely unrelated to gaming. On the daily I'm held accountable for the budget, scope and schedule for some major projects but, at any given moment, the most important factor to me is the safety of my crew.
When I'm not executing nuclear projects, I'm probably tinkering around with game servers. I've experienced many highs and lows when it comes to online gaming; it can be a stressful operation to manage, but this really applies to any project. I'm also a chemical engineer, but it wasn't really for me. Because my passion is projects!
I grew up playing FreeJack. It's really an amazing game. My goal is to share that memorable experience with others through its resurgence. Fortunately I've been blessed with an incredible team and a spirited community that share the same level of enthusiasm for its comback.
Teamate Senseven | FreeJack Online
Aaron Thearle | AKA SenSeven
Hi I'm Sen AKA Aaron. In the stark world of ones and zeros you'll find me breathing life into game ideas through the poetic art that is programming. I create scripts that speak fun and enjoyment, sculpting data and painting with numbers. I come from a design background but through hard work and persistence, emerged on the other side a code architect.
As the lead developer on FreeJack it's my responsibility to ensure that the game meets the high standards we set for ourselves, and that we produce something fun and enjoyable. The team relies on me to harness their talents to the maximum potential and get things done with minimal fuss.
I can also rap although I don't do it very often, I'll drop a verse for you now. New to FreeJack but I'm not new to the game, it's in my name this sentence will blow your brain. Creator of virtual worlds and developer of this parkour freedom, the resurgence is on, the strike back ain't gone. Bringing new players to the game, we'll put the old game to shame.
Really honoured to be working with Vice and the others on FreeJack. It's also a pleasure to be working with such a passionate community and I hope we can make this dream a reality.
Teamate Kiddo | FreeJack Online
David Kalatzis | AKA Kiddo
Heyo! am Kiddo one of the programmers for FreeJack, not much to say except I have a huge passion for games and even more so for creating them, been doing so for about 10 years now, so am just here to makesomething fun to share with everyone.
I played FreeJack a bunch when I was young, and now being one of the developers to help bring it back in a modernized form is a pretty cool and surreal experience. So I Hope everyone is as excited as me for the time when Freejack is fully revitalized!
Teamate K0zz | FreeJack Online
Cosmin Catrina | AKA K0zz/LFTRN
I'm Cosmin, I go by the producer tag LFTRN but most people know me as K0zz. I recently discovered that I like finances and got pretty good at working in the field, but my biggest passion is definitely music. I like to keep an open mind and listen to anything to get inspired.
For a while, I used to think that sticking to one genre of music was the way to go for a producer, so I made alot of house music and nothing else, but it can be difficult when you are exposed to so many styles that give you all sorts of ideas, so I decided to make whatever it feels and sounds right when the inspiration hits - and that is how I managed to make the songs that you now listen to on our Youtube channel.
I also grew up playing FreeJack, being my favorite game of all times as it was the first game I installed without the help of my older brother. I'm really proud to give back to it for all the fun times I've had with my online buddies that I am happy to see again on this server. It means alot to have the new ideas received so well by the community. Your support, along with the kickass team I'm part of, is very appreciated.
Teamate Agus | FreeJack Online
Agustin Sanchez | AKA Agus
My name is Agustin, I'm a self-taught 3D artist experienced in creating stylized models. Since I was 14, I learned how to make 3D models and renders in my own free time and I continued to hone my craft ever since.
I'm currently working hard on both my degree and the FreeJack models for the game. I try my best to get that FreeJack style when working with the models while modernizing them to fit the standards of modern 3D modelling techniques. Besides refactoring the character models, I'm also working on updating their textures, it’s a challenge but one that is worth going through! Freejack's style is unique and one that I have come to appreciate.
A close and personal friend of mine introduced me to FreeJack, and I instantly fell in love with both the concept and the artwork of the game. My goal is to bring this hidden gem back to life with my team and give it a substantial artistic overhaul.
Teamate CrawDaddy | FreeJack Online
Eli Crawford | AKA CrawDaddy
My name is Eli, AKA Crawdaddy/Crawfish, and I am a 3D animator. I recently graduated from college with a Bachelor’s degree in Digital Media. Growing up if I was not running around through the woods, you would usually find me glued to a TV playing games or watching movies. Pretty early in life I decided that I wanted to get into the game industry and to spread the joy and excitement that games brought to me!
Nowadays, once I get off work, I spend the majority of the night looking for reference videos and animating as much as I possibly can. I had never heard of Freejack before joining the project but have come to love its art style and ideas. I am proud and honored to be a part of the team bringing this game back to life!