Beta Complete
  • This marks the close of the official FreeJack Online public play test. We’d like to thank each and every one of you for coming out and showing your support. Over 1300 PLAYERS joined the beta and had a chance to play the game, which is nothing short of an amazing turnout, much higher than we had originally anticipated. In fact it was so many people that the authentication system had some issues at the start due to the high volume of traffic entering the game all at once. Definitely a good problem to have, although frustrating without a doubt.
  • It was a blast all around and everyone seemingly had a good time; the majority having expressed positive vibes throughout their experience, despite some minor bugs and/or mechanics that need patching. Recognition is owed to everyone for their diligence and hard work in preparing for and reporting issues during this beta; it was a lot of troubleshooting and long nights to get the multiplayer version into the state that it’s currently in, and so please do share your kind words if you had a pleasant time.
  • Moving forward if you would like to keep testing or playing FreeJack Online, you will need to subscribe to our Patreon for access to the latest builds. Anyone that is subscribed will receive access to all latest content and have an opportunity to test the game up until November; this includes new content, maps, characters, music, and any other features that we decide to expand on in preparation for the next round of testing. You can subscribe to our Patreon through the following link, if you have the means to do so:
  • We are so grateful and (cannot express that enough) for all of your support. It was so much fun to see everyone racing again! Thank you for being the best darn community anyone could ever ask for. And for being so respectful and caring with our work; it was a great display of community pride to see so many eager racers collaborating to make the best game we can possibly make. Keep that passion, and spread the word about FreeJack, because every player counts, and every player is one step closer to our goal of making this project 100% fully funded for execution.